Company Background

ARS comprises companies in three dynamic business sectors: Metal Trade and Processing, Mineral & Mining Operations and Hospitality. Our group engages in diverse yet synergistic activities within rapidly growing economic verticals.

Unified under one umbrella, we cover the entire spectrum of trading, stockholding and processing across Copper, Brass, HMS 1&2, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloy and more.

We have built up adequate stock levels of all essential items within our scope of supply and are in position to offer immediate deliveries.

As a client focused and service oriented group, the foundations of our business heritage continue to be based on quality, reputation, customer service and performance. The highest emphasis is placed on human resources and deployment of the latest in information technology.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the leading international buyer, processor and seller of recycled metal solutions around the world, revolutionising the supply chains of the industries we serve. Our goal is to ensure that each client receives the same high level of customer service and efficiency from the largest to the smaller client.

We are on a mission to provide our customers with the highest quality recycled metal solutions, equipment and processes while preserving the natural resources of our environment. We have recently become part of the IMTU-It Matters To You campaign, which aims to create a social movement by educating our community on the importance of sustainable and responsible auto recycling practices for the future of the planet.

Our industry

The auto recycling industry has a very important role to play in protecting the environment. We have recognised a worrying trend in the auto wrecking and recycling industry of unsavoury processes and methods which have a detrimental impact on our environment. The production of vehicles is one of the largest manufacturing sectors on earth but there has been very little consideration of what happens to the car when it is no longer of use.

Others in the industry have traditionally cut corners to save on outgoings and many do not have the capital to invest in the required machinery and equipment to appropriately process all materials. We want to support others in our industry and purchase auto parts from other providers, to ensure recycling is done responsibly. We seek to address the underlying, negative effects that auto recycling has on our planet by upholding best practice recycling protocols to drive a circular economy.

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