ARS buys scrap metal in any Condition.

Whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous, pristine or worn, we welcome all forms of metal. Our streamlined process simplifies your selling experience: our expert team will assess the value of your scrap metal based on current market rates and its specific attributes.

We take pride in offering competitive prices for your materials, ensuring you get the best returns for your metal assets. Our commitment to responsible recycling aligns with our mission to preserve the environment while promoting a circular economy.

When you choose ARS, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to excellence, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Join us in contributing to a greener future by selling your scrap metal to ARS.


Turn your ferrous scrap metal into profit with ARS. We accept all forms, from appliances to structural steel, providing competitive rates.


Unlock value from non-ferrous metals. From aluminium to zinc, ARS offers top prices for your recyclable materials.


Get the most out of your old engines. ARS purchases engines for recycling, ensuring eco-friendly disposal and potential profit.

Electric motors

Transform used electric motors into cash with ARS. We buy electric motors of all sizes for responsible recycling.


Sell your copper scrap to ARS and reap the benefits. We offer attractive rates for various types of copper materials.


Convert brass items into cash. ARS welcomes all brass scrap, from fittings to ornaments, providing competitive compensation.

Stainless Steel

Don’t let stainless steel go to waste. ARS buys stainless steel scrap, offering eco-conscious recycling solutions and rewards.


Turn lead scrap into profit with ARS. We purchase lead materials, ensuring proper recycling and reducing environmental impact.


Sell your radiators for recycling and profit. ARS accepts various types of radiators, providing eco-friendly solutions.


ARS values your manganese scrap. Convert manganese waste into returns with our responsible recycling practices.

Green Card

Uncover hidden value in old computers. From precious metals like gold to recyclable components, ARS offers rewarding solutions for responsible computer recycling.


Join ARS in recycling responsibly. While we focus on metal, our commitment to sustainability extends to responsible plastic recycling too.

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