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ARS operates throughout UAE, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Greece and China.

About Us

We source ferrous and non-ferrous metals from an array of suppliers, including metal dealers, auto wreckers, industrial manufacturers and those dealing with obsolete metal. Our processing involves various techniques such as sorting, shredding, cutting and baling, ensuring the refined metal is ready for resale.

Every ARS product adheres to exacting standards, set by stringent quality specifications and norms. Our commitment extends to closely monitoring all process parameters and conditions throughout the manufacturing journey.

Expect unparalleled value in pricing, service and convenience with ARS as your metal recycling partner. Wherever you are in the world, we can comfortably reach you from our offices in New Delhi, India.

The ARS Difference


Transportation is a key element of international business. To ensure seamless service for our customers, we streamline all aspects of your inland and ocean freight management under one roof.

Cost Effective

Leveraging our robust consumer base across Southeast Asia, as well as in Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan and India, we proudly extend highly competitive pricing to clients spanning the globe.


Our recycling methods are sustainable, now and into the future. Recycling 1 MT of metal scrap uses up to 95% less energy compared to making 1 MT of metal from raw material.

We are Licensed

We carry the highest licenses and adhere to industry leading regulations. These licenses guarantee stringent quality control encompassing chemical analysis, meticulous measurement of mechanical and metallurgical properties and adherence to precise dimensional tolerances in accordance with relevant codes, standards and specifications.

Quality Control

Our quality policy is simple: we are committed to delivering work of the highest attainable quality, in accordance with applicable codes, standards, specifications and customer requirements. Our products are subject to rigorous quality tests, including Eddy Current tests, Hydrostatic tests, UTS assessments, Hardness tests, Air under water tests, Dimensional tests, visual inspections and more.


Our executive team has combined industry experience of more than 20+ years. This hands-on familiarity equips us with innovative ideas and an esteemed reputation that comes with proven expertise. Your advantage lies in partnering with professionals who bring both insight and respect to the table.

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